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Kerstin Grasse-Vinke

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Kerstin Grasse-Vinke

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BORDON Design, Doris Bordon, Nürnberg

kisral media, Ralf Kistner, Dillingen

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When using data networks, the internet, e-mail etc., the danger of virus transmission always exists. Every user is personally responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect their data, as well as to prevent their hard- and software to become infected with viruses. Therefore, when visiting our website and using its contents you do this at your own risk. Liability for damages, data loss, loss of profits/gains or subsequently resulting damages are excluded.

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We take our responsibility very seriously concerning the protection of the personal- and company related data you provided and entrusted us with. For us, compliance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a matter of course. Therefore, your personal data will not be revealed, sold or shared with any other companies or institutions, nor will it be marketed. This does not apply when, in connection with and as a result of a legal judgment or proceeding, we are legally obligated and instructed to reveal and transmit such data.

Under the link you will find more information about our privacy policy according to GDPR.

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The data and information provided & transmitted by you (personal contact information, e-mail contents) will be used exclusively as a basis for our services!

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