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The entire conSens team is in silent mourning of our Managing Director Peter Vinke, who passed away unexpectedly on 11.03.2023 at the age of 59.


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conSens Forschung und Beratung GmbH

A qualitative institute
with quantitative competences

Being a medium-sized company with a focus on qualitative market research, we offer made-to-measure research solutions for our clients since 1994

conSens builds on intense and manifold experiences in market research projects with smaller businesses - as a full service partner - as well as mentoring larger companies and specific brand portfolios in their research projects

Always keeping true to our conSens principle:
The Whole Insight.

In both project conceptual design & choice of methods/instruments as well as in analysis, interpretation and recommendation we always consider the "background aspects" relevant for the project and brand to guarantee a large benefit of our research results for your marketing decisions!

RESEARCH BOUTIQUE for vegan markets

conSens Forschung und Beratung GmbH
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The Whole Insight

Our clients value us as a competent market research partner because we immerse ourselves in the markets and brands and so understand the marketing processes at hand

Brand Experience

An approach to view the customer-brand relationship in a whole new perspective, creating the opportunity to elaborate vital brand success factors - especially the ones currently rising in importance - even better.

International qualitative competence

We mentor many of the challenging projects of our clients worldwide - on-site or at our WebStream-Lounge!
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Introducing our Team

An interdisciplinary highly motivated team, flexibility, empathy and a network of professional and specialized research partners are our competitive advantages.

Shopper Insights

Shopper-Insights for a brand's success at the P.O.S.!

P.O.S. - Determining factors of success by examining and validating a brand's ability to assess itself at the P.O.S.!

Activities and Articles

Articles in trade press and publications by conSens to current topics and news from the institute.

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