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Empathy and comprehension of marketing processes
Our clients value us as a competent market research partner because we immerse ourselves in the markets and brands and so understand the marketing processes at hand.

Consumer Insights

Successful brand management requires an understanding for the perception of brands in the consumer's everyday life, in order to be able to generate relevant and sustainable insights.

Brand Experience Research

Our research approach helps making even the most complex contexts seem transparent, tangible and comprehensible. Thereby we make sure that consumer's experiences can be translated directly into marketing decisions.

More for your Brand!

Thinking a Step further

Trends, Consumer Insights and Best Practises as sources of inspiration and drivers for successful innovation and marketing strategies!
We integrate our results into the superordinate strategic brand background of our clients, reveal chances, risks and development potentials.

Trends, Consumer Insights and Best Practises as sources of inspiration and drivers for successful innovation and marketing strategies!

Diving deeper

Fail proof determination of the active, but underlying and mostly unconscious consumer motives, benefits and brand drivers!

Closer to the Consumer

Insights - directly from the consumer's everyday life and real situations of usage!

Authenticity and Transparency

Market Research at eye level - with our clients and the consumer!

One of the most important demands on our research results, and therefore also on the instruments and methods we use, is: Authenticity.

Our understanding of this is the comprehensibility (transparency) of the results and their derivation. This means authentic illustration of consumer-insights. This authenticity is the primary foundation of the conSens research philosophy, and therefore the main quality demand on the institute's own qualitative analysis department.

Only this authenticity helps to understand markets and to navigate brands. In our opinion, this can neither be achieved by e.g. strict psycho-analytical theories, nor by very deterministic approaches which attempt to regulate selection, origin, connection and even the amount of motivational content.

Experience Market Research

For our clients: Direct learnings and insights - "live" during the whole course of the research process whenever possible - the journey is the reward!


From consumer insight to the first idea, over various marketing-mix-elements up to brand performance assessment in the market. 

True Expertise in Consulting Services

Precise recommendations for the marketing: Matching the research results with their respective contexts of marketing - determining the effects and impact on the brand, the brand portfolio etc.
Aside from implementation-oriented reports, presentations and summaries we deepen and implement found insights e.g. in Workshops with the marketing and agencies!

Implementation recommendations are promised by everyone these days! But we have the confidence of compiling recommendations in such precise detail, that they will allow marketing professionals and brand managers to instantly apply these when making actual marketing decisions.

Years of experience in consumer product marketing and intense exploration of the category, the products and brands of our clients, allow for validity and feasibility of our research results!


The success of a research project depends on a good briefing and a suitable research approach!

We familiarize with your marketing issues right from the start! conSens will support in creating research concepts and/or in supervising and coordination of agencies involved!

Customized Standards

Classic methods or thoroughly developed and tried tools - always individually tailored to our client's brands and needs.
Projects and tools that are individually tailored to client needs and customized "standards" compiled in collaboration with the individual client
  • simplify the comparability of study results by the client
  • make it easier to integrate these results into internal marketing- and communication-processes (marketing-controlling) without imposing methods and benchmark-constructs onto our clients that will not sufficiently satisfy their needs for information.

Consulting with Experience

All clients and projects are completely taken care of by very experienced project managers, among them the managing partner - in research
design, analysis and in consulting!
The consultant teams are permanently assigned to the respective clients, allowing us to guarantee continuity and efficiency
in our collaboration.

New impulses and changes of perspective are achieved through continued internal projects and regularly scheduled meetings ("jour fixes") in our interdisciplinary team!

Science based research

conSens Forschung und Beratung understands itself as a market research institute clearly anchored in and dedicated to the qualitative approach of marketing research.
Our research is not confined to a specific school of thought and is primarily based on a behavioral scientific research via applied consumer- and advertising psychology.
Therefore, the methodology is not "ideologically rigid", but its development is rather project-specific and problem solving oriented.

This means that our work combines classic and successfully proven methods of market research, partly in conjunction with new elements and techniques of various scientific disciplines (e.g. ethnography, psycho-dramatic approaches).

Method standards & Innovative Tools

Mono-method strategies and one-sided research, which are currently based on mostly "instrument-based approaches" or the attempt of also wanting to answer all questions online, are less successful.

Basic elements of behavioural-science research are still valid and relevant today, but shifts can be observed in the significance of some approaches and methods. The options for measuring have also been developed fur¬ther.

Classic research methods
(e.g. group discussions and face-to-face-interviews) and "modern methods" (e.g. online journals, WAPI-price-conjoints, eye tracking technology) are integrated into a comprehensive portfolio of methods – then combined accordingly with the relevant questions and finally coordinated with each other.
Important is the implementation- and result-oriented application and the successful combination of various methods!