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Continued market presence since 1994!

Qualitative Institute
with quantitative Skills!

Over 100 years of cumulative research experience between the members of the team!
Being a medium-sized company with a focus on qualitative market research, we offer made-to-measure research solutions for our clients since 1994.

A strong Team.

An interdisciplinary, highly motivated team, continuous training and development, as well as a network of professional and specialized research partners are our competitive advantages.

Introducing our Team

Peter Vinke, Managing Partner

Peter Vinke

Managing Partner
Bernd Brunzel, Operations Manager

Bernd Brunzel

Operations Manager
Konstantina Charalampous, Consultant

Konstantina Charalampous

Christine Crüger, Data Visualization Specialist

Christine Crüger

Data Visualization Specialist
Katja Dietrich, Office Management

Katja Dietrich

Office Management
Kerstin Grasse-Vinke, Registered Manager

Kerstin Grasse-Vinke

Udo Lang, Research Director

Udo Lang

Research Director
Annette Lorenz, Senior Consultant

Annette Lorenz

Senior Consultant
Zaneta Merk, Student Associate

Zaneta Merk

Student Associate
Casandra-Munkert, Junior Consultant

Casandra Munkert

Junior Consultant
Janine Ott, Student Associate

Janine Ott

Student Associate
Martin-Palus, Junior Consultant

Martin Palus

Junior Consultant
Roland Scheel, Data Solutions Manager

Roland Scheel

Data Solutions Manager
Rainer Stahl, Data Specialist

Rainer Stahl

Data Specialist
Susanne Zierer, Senior Manager

Susanne Zierer

Senior Manager


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